Joseph A. Tunney
Joseph A. TunneyOwner/Chief Executive Officer

Joe began his in-home sales career selling residential solar systems in the greater Los Angeles area of California. In 1986, he transitioned to the in-home selling of home improvement products; windows, doors, siding, and roofing. In 1993, he opened his own company – American Design and Build, Ltd. that has been ranked as one of the Top 500 remodeling companies in the country. 2009 was the rebirth of residential solar and we established our solar division – American Sentry Solar. As owner and CEO, Joe is immersed in the overseeing of the day-to-day activities of the company and the monitoring of company performance as we strive for continued success. Joe’s vision for the company is one grounded in integrity, community and efficiency that he expects in every department.

Kevin Carmen
Kevin CarmenChief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of American Sentry Solar’s marketing and advertising initiatives. With extensive experience in the industry he manages a diverse team of marketers while facilitating growth. Kevin is consistently working with departmental directors to enhance our marketing strategy and implementation through creative development and data analysis. As CMO his main objective is overseeing employee communication in an effective way as well as keeping the company’s reputation and identity relevant and trustworthy. Kevin joined American Design and Build, Ltd. in 1994 as a marketing assistant and has continued to grow with the company, helping to pivot the company focus to solar in 2009. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design from The University of Maryland Baltimore County and is involved in the ongoing creative development of each marketing campaign.

Donna Ratajczak
Donna RatajczakChief Financial Officer

Donna brings over 20 years of extensive experience in strategic planning, financial controls, operations management and business growth. Her expertise and leadership in the areas of Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management and Administrative Operations ensure the accounting and administrative departments operate at the highest level of integrity and work efficiently and effectively to support all employees. She leads the ongoing development of financial expansion and operational strategy ensuring financial stability during growth and integrity and compliance to key strategy metrics, system controls and legal regulations. Since joining American Design and Build/American Sentry Solar in 2011, she has brought vitality, professionalism and warmth with strong service qualities that demonstrate her deep commitment to building long-term trusting relationships with employees at all levels.

Gailan Wensil-Strow
Gailan Wensil-StrowVP of Solar Production

Gailan has overseen the daily solar production operations at American Sentry Solar for the past 10 years totaling over $165MM in residential and commercial solar PV systems. He has extensive experience in the development and implementation of Solar PV systems while maintaining high customer service standards. These standards have landed American Sentry Solar on the top 200 solar installers nationally, as well as an A+ rating with BBB. Operations include, but are not limited to, procurement of all material, engineering associated with all PV systems, permits, zoning, interconnection coordination and management of all crew scheduling/deployment. Gailan currently holds a NABCEP professional certification and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Towson University where he received research awards for work involving environmental and renewable energy economic impacts.

Joseph Dillon
Joseph DillonDirector of Sales

Joe is responsible for the successful origination of a sales program for residential solar combined with handling multiple products, sites and partners. He has successfully developed and implemented over $165MM in solar sales, programs and management over the past 11 years at American Sentry Solar. He is responsible for hiring, training, coaching, mentoring and delivering required targets, working cross functionally with other departments and prioritizing teamwork load. With over $18MM and climbing in solar sales annually throughout the MD, PA, TX and DE areas. Joe’s sales program has allowed thousands of residential customers to own their solar PV system while maintaining a reasonable return on their investment in complex solar PV markets.

Shana Koslowsky
Shana KoslowskyVP of Marketing

As VP of Marketing, Shana’s duties include organizing and managing the marketing process as well as measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns. With help from each departments manager, Shana assesses everything from lead generation to call center performance to see where we may need to adjust anything for a better ROI or customer experience. Shana’s day to day responsibilities include managing the marketing administration and process, analyzing numbers and campaigns to determine failure or success, and designing any advertising and promotional items for branding and public relations. Shana received her Bachelors Degree in Corporate Communication from University of Baltimore. In 2020, Shana will have completed her Masters Program in Integrated Design and have her certification in user experience (UX) design.

Stephanie Bennett
Stephanie BennettDirector of Administration and Finance

Stephanie Bennett leads American Sentry Solar’s Finance and Administrative departments, ensuring all customers receive world class service from time of purchase, to finance approval, through installation, and beyond. With a strong knowledge of the solar finance industry, Stephanie is responsible for assisting all customers in securing the financing that fits their specific project needs. While working alongside the Director of Sales, Stephanie also assists in training all marketing representatives on the various financing options that the company has to offer. In addition to financing, Stephanie utilizes her 12 years of administrative experience to work closely with the Chief Financial Officer on the daily administrative and fiscal operations of the company. She acts as the in-house IT specialist and has successfully assisted the company in offering their customers a top of the line paperless sales process. Since joining the team in 2016, Stephanie has assisted over 1,100 customers secure funding for their dream home improvement and solar projects. Stephanie is currently completing her Associate’s of Science degree in Human Resource Management.