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“They were an honest and reliable company that gave good explanations, installation and service. They also prepared the tax credit papers and scheduled all inspections. Installation was excellent.”

“Our initial investigation started in 1972; however, we were not in one place long enough to warrant an installation nor had we found a vendor we wanted to work with. We eventually settled on using American Sentry Solar out of Bel Air Md. Initially because of reports from friends who had installed solar energy panels by them. We have not been disappointed in any way. The assistance has been beyond reproach, the installation flawless to date, and the equipment performance well above expectations. Our energy bill has been cut by over 75% for a 3,000+ SqFt dwelling. We installed in 2 stages, First a 3 panel hotwater system after the failure of our hotwater heater and second a 26 panel 5.5 KW electric system. Obviously we are pleased with our installation.”

“Great team. They were organized, on-time, and cleaned up afterwards. We were given any information we needed and when a minor problem or two happened down the road, we got a tech here the same day. The system has been working for almost a year now and works perfectly. Highly recommend this company.”

“My wife and I had specific aesthetic requirements that I was unsure anyone would be able to meet when we decided to finally go solar. We did not want an industrial look with visible racking and exposed wiring running across the roof and down the walls as was the typical install. American Sentry Solar listened to my concerns and addressed them with a custom installation. When the county building inspector came out for the final inspection he stated that this was the best looking solar installation he had ever seen. It helped that Anne Arundel County inspectors were reasonable in allowing the hidden wiring as American Sentry Solar had warned that most counties are not as flexible. Our Solar PV system provides all of the electricity for our house and electric car. We could not be happier.”