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Did you know water heating is the second largest energy expense in your home?

A residential solar water heater system can provide ALL of the hot water your family will need. Not only can you make big savings on your energy costs, using the sun’s free energy is great for the environment.

A Solar Water Heater:

  • Uses solar energy to heat all of the water in your home
  • Lowers your energy bills, starting from day one!
  • Decrease your carbon footprint
solar water heater powering a home

A Solar water heater offers a cost effective renewable energy solution designed to make efficient use of the sun’s energy.

  • Over an average year, heating hot water can contribute to 30% of the average homeowner’s total energy expenditure.
  • Around 80% of this expense can be offset by using solar water heating.
  • Help protect your home from rising energy cost by defraying a substantial portion of your current energy expense.

No more worries about the high cost of using your dishwasher, shower, washing machine or hot tap water.